Help the club make their gaming PCs

Submit a PCpartpicker list of parts for your desired gaming PC build. Selected members will be tasked with building and naming their PC for the club. Submit your build in #general of the Discord!

Guidelines: Inexpensive and future proof

As an LAUSD school, many of our campus computers are purchased via the Arey Jones vendor. While Arey Jones has been a reliable vendor for most of our machines, they are still a profit-driven business. Between insurance, branding, software bundles, and the profit margin, Arey Jones' machines are a considerable expense when compared to custom built machines of similar specifications. Custom builds allow the Esports Team to cut down on this overhead and gives us flexibility for future upgrades to keep these machines running for many years to come.

Our competition; Arey Jones

Comparable Machine: HP EliteDesk 800 G6 SFF Value

CPU: i5-10500

RAM: 16GB (1x16) DDR4-2666 DIMM

Storage: 512 M.2 NVMe SSD

GPU: Onboard

OS: Windows 10

Monitor: 21.5" LCD

Wireless Card

Wired Keyboard

Wired Mouse

DVD burner

Compared to Arey Jones: -21.5" monitor, +32" monitor, +wireless KB/M, -DVD-burner, -$60

-5 year insurance warranty, +student experience in building a machine