The Esports Team is committed to sustainability

The cost to play competitive video games can often be a large investment for many students. Computers, consoles, controllers, accessories and parts are reused, recycled, repaired and repurposed for the club, so that individual students do not have to bear these costs alone. The Esports Team sustains itself at minimal cost to the campus through our after-school store and we ask our donors also maximize their sustainability by practicing the 5Rs.

The Esports team ask you to be responsible

While we do offer cold water bottles and other assorted beverages, we ask that you bring your own reusable bottle as often as you can. If you must purchase a disposable bottled item, please recycle the bottle in the appropriate containers in room 65 or on campus. These recycling rewards help supply our other Sylmar teams!

$2 donation for a reusable utensil pack

In exchange for a small donation to the club, we can supply you with a reusable utensil package that includes a stainless steel fork, a pair of fiberglass chopsticks, and a durable transparent container to keep both clean in your backpack. Your donation offsets a large cost of the kit, and severely reduces the amount of plastic waste from disposable spork packages. Please keep this pack in your backpack so you can use it for the next visit! Let's try and model our community like others in California!

Sylmar Esports Utensil Pack

Water $1

**Maruchan $1

Sports Drink $1

Chocolate Pandas $1

Chips $1

Pop-tarts (2) $1


**Purchase of Maruchan requires proof of reusable eating utensil. If donor has no reusable utensil, donor must also acquire the Sylmar Esports utensil pack. P2W